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Mateo de la Torre’s research had an international focus in examining the cross-cultural implications of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

de la Torre’s research required a comparative analysis of foreign laws that are similar to the United States’ FCPA and included statutes, legislative histories, and commentary from Brazil, Japan, and the United Kingdom. He also consulted extensively with several members of the Cornell Law faculty. de la Torre’s findings provided the basis for his examination of the FCPA’s impact on nondomestic actors and markets, arguing that the United States’ aggressive stance belies the Act’s original purpose. He then presented frameworks for challenging FCPA prosecutions on jurisdictional and choice-of-law grounds.

“The challenges that international sources present enhanced my ability to be a resourceful researcher,” de la Torre said. “And on a broader level, I discovered that researching international law and foreign legal topics presents an intricate and fascinating cross-section of law, politics, and culture.”


This article was awarded the second place in Cornell Law Library's Robert Cantwell Prize for Exemplary Student Research in 2016.