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Presentation of the book by Antoine Garapon & Ioannis Papadopoulos, which took place at Cornell Law School on July 29, 2004.


This book is the fruit of a basic idea, namely that comparative law is meaningless if it is regarded as the sole study of juxtaposed legal systems, regardless of their cultural dimension. The book’s main aim is to identify and analyze the basic cultural differences between the two great legal traditions of the West, the Continental and the Anglo-American one, through a thorough examination of the trial, and of judicial institutions more widely, as these are organized in France and the United States. For that purpose, after an introduction to the concept of legal culture and the basic notions of the common law legal tradition, we have written a series of chapters: access to justice, the trial, evidence, the judge, the jury, judgment, litigation, and sentencing.

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August 2004


Common Law, France