Since the end of the Cold War, a number of regional conflicts worldwide have devastated innocent populations. The conflicts in Rwanda and in the Balkans come to mind as prominent examples. With these developments the literature about women and war has proliferated.

In particular, there is a growing emphasis on the impact of war on women. The literature emphasizes a number of concerns. In most countries, women form the center of the family and bear the economic and social burden of keeping their families together throughout times of conflict and upheaval. Women's essential role in childbearing and procreation makes them targets of genocide and rape. Unarmed women with children suffer by the very vulnerability of their situations.

Protecting women victims of war can only be done by formulating research, law and policy which recognizes the vulnerable position of women in war torn areas. In order to assist researchers, the author has compiled a bibliography of books and articles written in the last 10 years, with an emphasis on legal literature.