How do I find Romanian statutes and cases in English? How might I better understand treaty research and use of travaux préparatoires, find available online and print resources for international agreements, and obtain a cogent overview of this topic? What sources might be helpful for researching religious legal systems, such as Hindu, Buddhist, or Islamic law? Where can I find a description of the legal system of Belarus? As U.S. law schools are becoming increasingly global in their scope and preparation of students and LLM programs abound, law librarians will more frequently encounter foreign, comparative, and international law reference questions like the above. In addition, if a reference librarian does not have a background or exposure to foreign, comparative, and international research or if there isn’t a foreign and international law librarian at the institution, reliance on available online reference sources, such as research guides, and traditional reference works in foreign and international law will be essential. One excellent online resource that provides research guidance in the areas of foreign, comparative, and international law and has an authoritative and fascinating portal of research articles is GlobaLex.

GlobaLex provides a single portal of comprehensive research articles for the future of legal scholarship in the areas of international, foreign, and comparative law, which will continue to expand to meet the needs of the growing community of international lawyers, scholars, and law librarians.