Currently, in the field of law as well as in other fields, societal developments, global interaction, and the increasing importance of technology in acquiring information resources have led to a rapid growth in the number of information sources. Furthermore, this growth has resulted in greater access to various sources. The great majority of the users of law-related information are legal academicians, law students, practicing lawyers, judges, and law consultants.

The expectations and demands of these information users are very high. Relevant sources must be instantly accessible, the sources in question must be updated, accurate and comprehensive. In order to meet these expectations, librarians must know and apply the means and methods of access to the related information. Thus, this study is brief demonstration of the issue related to access to law-related-information in Turkey. This paper will address how one gains access to legal information in Turkey. While focusing on this question, the subject of legal resources will also be explained briefly.

Lastly, the existing law in Turkey in the field of electronic resources will be explained.