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Presented at the 7th Cornell Inter-University Graduate Student Conference, April 2011.


In recent years, it is ironic that a simple Muslim headscarf became one of most contentious and controversial political, culture, religious and human rights issue in various countries around the world. The Muslim headscarf affair has given rise to heated debate in Europe in particular. Extensive scholarship literature contributed to this debate from various aspects, including from the banning of the Niqab from a public sphere, to institutional education and from the courtroom context. One has to acknowledge that few expressions of faith today cause as much fear and loathing in plural democracies as the Muslim headscarf has. I intend to contribute to this international debate as a minority Muslim Feminist Scholar, whose cultural expressions and national identity has not been subject to this debate yet her religious identity and belief has been strongly tied into the topic.

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Niqab, Islamic law, Islamic veil, Muslim women, Secularism