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A slightly abbreviated version of this article was published in the San Diego International Law Review, Vol. 8, No.1 (Fall 2006).


The Indian film industry produces more movies than any other and is characterized as being on the threshold of emerging as a big market internationally with an expected growth rate of close to 20% per year. Its regulatory and legal mechanisms are developing rapidly to keep pace. This article is dedicated to the Indian film industry and its international potential. It analyzes the copyright aspects of film co-productions involving India and compares the characteristics of the national film industries of Germany, the U.S. and especially India (Bollywood) from a legal perspective. It points to key copyright issues in the field that will become relevant for potential co-producers. It also looks at the basic relevant copyright provisions regarding motion pictures in India, the U.S. and Germany. Also, it points to contractual provisions that should be included in international co-production contracts. Finally, it concludes with the pros and cons of international co-productions with Indian producers from the perspective of U.S. and German production companies.

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May 2007


Copyright, India, Film industry, Bollywood