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Africa! The word has been associated with poverty, greed, brutality and gangsterism. Why is Africa, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, still wallowing in poverty while the great mass of nations are moving forward, some taking strides while others making gargantuan leaps? Is there any hope that African countries will in large part become democratic? How do they get there? In this paper, I give a short historical background of how Africa has evolved over the years into modern day Africa in order to understand how Africa has come to be what, and where it is today. I make the argument that the only way by which Africa can attain democracy is by first and foremost having in place Rule of Law, however imperfect it may be. I further argue that consequent upon that, it is only the synergy of globalization in its controlled form, an educated populace, and a strong middle class that can be the catalyst, the fuel that can cause the essential ingredients of democracy to manifest itself in the society and eventually democracy take root. Lastly, I make recommendations as to how these can be achieved.

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Africa, Markets, Democracy, Rule of Law, Education, Middle Class, Economic Development