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This paper was submitted as part of the coursework for "Law Practice Technology" in the Spring semester of 2014.


What does the future hold for cloud computing, virtual law firms, and the legal profession? Like so many answers in the legal field, it depends. The increasing costs of storing ever-increasing amounts of information may force firms to turn to housing data off-site through cloud-based services. New technologies, yet unforeseen, may render the cloud obsolete, replaced by a new form of caching materials. Virtual law firms may be looked back at five years from now as an obsolete fad, or the practice might instead become the new normal. Wherever the legal profession ventures, lawyers must do a better job of remaining attuned to technological developments that not only directly impact their practice, but also to those advances which can be adapted to a legal context to improve upon client service. In the end, lawyers must be competent advocates, and in the 21st century, ignoring technology seriously infringes upon that responsibility.

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Cloud computing, Virtual law firms