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Adverse possession, Landlords and tenants


Property Law and Real Estate


Ours is an era during which a whole year's worth of developments rule-wise can be brought up on a desktop screen already broken down by subject and subdivided into discrete topics. In high-tone academic neighborhoods this causes pundits to impose upon this already ordered material a new twist, re-ordering it around themes derived from economics, sociology, or even street corner opinion polling. Bean counting and number crunching are felt necessary, and understandably so, if one is to add something "intellectual" to what the machines have spewed out. The life of an old-fashioned lawyer has become hard indeed in this Republic, because simple pragmatism has fallen into disrepute. A critical look at some cases taken at their own face value is not calculated to win any prizes. It's a bit of a dog's life for pragmatists, as a matter of fact. But this suggests a theme which may afford a few insights into some property law cases.


Article is part of 1989 Survey of New York Law.

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Published in: Syracuse Law Review, vol. 41, no. 1 (1990).