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Summer 1999


Globalization, Free trade, Labor standards, Regional trading blocs, European Union, EU, North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, Mercosur, Asian Pacific Economic Corporation, APEC, Legal pluralism, Trade conditionality


International Trade Law | Labor and Employment Law | Transnational Law


This Article explores the possibilities for effective protection of labor rights in the emerging global labor market. It explores existing forms of transnational labor regulation, including both hard regulation, i.e., regulation by state-centered institutions, and soft regulation, i.e., regulation through private actors responding to market forces. The author finds that existing regulatory approaches are inadequate to ensure that the global marketplace will offer adequate labor standards to its global workforce. She proposes new approaches to global labor regulation, approaches that blend hard and soft law by reshaping market forces and embedding them in a regulatory framework that is protective of core labor rights.

Publication Citation

Katherine Van Wezel Stone, "To the Yukon and Beyond: Local Laborers in a Global Market," 3 Journal of Small and Emerging Business Law 93 (1999)