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Spring 1994


Civil jurors, Litigation crisis, Excessive litigation, Civil justice system, National Jury Project, Juror perceptions of litigation


Civil Procedure | Courts | Litigation | Torts


Public perceptions that the civil justice system is in crisis are apparently widespread, but little is known about the causes or correlates of such views. This article analyzes the litigation crisis attitudes of a sample of civil jurors. Like the public, jurors endorsed a number of statements suggesting that there is a litigation crisis. Factor analysis identified two independent components: general concern over excessive litigation, and criticism of the civil jury. Litigation crisis views were found in all demographic and attitudinal subgroups. However, attitudes about the civil justice system were related to the respondent's political efficacy, claims consciousness, belief in a just world, age, religion, and race.

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Published in: Behavioral Sciences and the Law, vol. 12, no. 2 (Spring 1994).